Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Religion in Religion

Religion is a phenomenon that governs the human life in many ways. It is set of beliefs that provides a way to think about life and the entire universe in which life is existing. Religion forms an integral part of this society.

The existence of religion in the world and its importance is something to be thought of .how such a set of belief came into being and why is it there are questions that bring us to the way human mind thinks. Religion is always defined as a set of beliefs regarding the universe with reference to a supernatural source. But even beliefs such as atheism are a form of religion too.

Religion fascinates when it is thought in the frame of human thought or a belief is a system containing codes for worshiping, rituals, concept of god(or no god),manners and etiquette, beliefs on the world,nature and its functioning. This system governs its people in all aspects . with all religions, the codified rules are imposed on its followers and the followers abide by without knowing any reason. This goes for atheism too.

Religion is one great scheme  that does not give reason to its rules. The truth and falsehood in religion is an entirely different topic  and this write up discusses the form it maintains. Today religion as a structure has become so rigid that it has become a true organisation. It is a system that cannot be verified or discussed.

While living in this frame, religious followers have become mere followers or abiders  of the system of rules and forgot the soul of it. Since it has become a tangible non-living entity, the soul has evaporated back into nature.

Religion has lost its spirituality. The spiritual element could be called the soul and this soul is no more. The enactment of the spirit of religion comes in the form of its social involvement for the betterment of the people and when the soul which transforms religion and applies on the society is lost then religion loses its significance. This soul of the religion has been overshadowed by customary rituals of worship and modules. Hence the soul of religion has died and is making way or a systematic, mechanical worship procedures that are being followed with fervour  as part of being religious.

To prove the extra-human or non-human  element of  religion,the spiritual aspect of religion should be present and this is missing from all major religions or in majority of its followers. another fascinating element of religion which can also been seen as the corollary to the above mentioned view is the fact that all religions have unity in a basic spiritual element or a single source of existence. Religions then branch out from this basic thought with influences and forgery of ideology bringing it down to an aspiritual entity of rituals and customs. Without this spiritual element religion cannot play its role and with it religion unifies into a single source.

Hence religion without its soul cannot affect human life and society and becomes a topic of critics and defamers. It drives the society into the opposite direction.

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