Monday, 23 November 2015

Desert Rain: rain diaries

The drops spread the sand particles to the sides.The light colored sand is now dark.the water drop has soaked the sand crystals. The drops fall again and small heaps of dry sand are wet and hard. rain in the desert is powerful. it is little but powerful as though the sand absorbs strength from the droplets.The clouds are heavy and dark. it hovers over you in the sky giving a pleasant feel and the sun breaks in to give the warmth. The droplets come down from these heavy clouds. The clouds seem to have immense amount of water but the droplets are few. the droplets sway in the wind falling here and there. The wind is strong but pleasant. it is cool and tickles you inside. with the light ticklish winds and few drops of rain falling on you, it is an ecstatic pleasure feel.

The place is calm with the roads empty and the sky is dark and heavy. The buildings lay silent and awaiting the rain. it is still droplets falling randomly, flying around. It wasn't rain nor was it drizzle.
The sky was calm again and the place back to dryness. The clouds started moving away and the sand was light colored. The rain had gone with the wind.

It was evening and the sun was drowning in the orange pool.But the dark clouds were back again and the sky looked red with dark shades of grey.soon the droplets started falling and the sand was dark. but this time it was dollops. heavy shapeless dollops fell splashing and then a few more. The drops wet the sand and the rainy weather oozed from it. It was raining haphazardly. The drops soaked the sands  at the start but it formed small puddles and pools. The mountains at the far-south brought in more of water and the barren land was filled with brownish flowing water. The rain increased and the sky was purple, the dark heavy clouds settled with pride and power. The water swell on the barren arid land and the soil lost its strength to soak in. with the gushing water from the mountains the land was filled with a flash flood. The 'Wadi' as called in the local tongue swell and overflowed the roads and the street. The desert rain sometimes takes such twists from nature. life was at standstill.

It was cold,wet and windy. with the water at the sides, the barren desert was changed into a cold riverbed. The clouds started parting ways and the sky was clear again. stars lit the sky and the moon came out from its blanket. A rain that lasted half of an hour changed the landscape. it was hard, brown and cold. The water from the flash flood would remain for a few days and then the sun would absorb it turning it back to a blue skied brown arid land of the middle east.