Monday, 19 March 2012


The present campus scene has witnessed changes that is slowly washing away the political presence in the campus. This has made me think, whether politics is necessary in college or is it of harm.

Politics is a part of every citizen in this nation. The world's largest democracy is maybe the only nation that is truly gripped by politics and political changes.The youth represents the spirit of democracy and colleges are the field where it can be practiced. 
Politics in campus has awakened the social senses of the students and taught them to struggle, resist and fight.It has taught the youth to be brave ,be socially right and fight against injustice. The youth has the power to do it and politics forms an umbrella for them. The colleges in Kerala is seeing a slow withdrawal of political influence from campus life. some say politics has made the campus filthy. Bloodshed and dirty strikes create a gruesome atmosphere but i feel it is better to have it than not because without politics or a socially active environment, the college dies. The campus is simply buried alive because there is no moral obligation for his/her study and politics tries to bring it. The chance for students to be socially aware is withdrawn and the campus creates guinea pigs with ID cards around their necks as it is being done in some campuses. The students learn to become mere audience and in the future it will create socially dumb citizens who gulp down whatever given to them.
Politics here does not mean you need to be a Party member but it means you need to be spirited,aware and a social.