Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The City Awakes

The breeze, felt i
The sound of a sigh
The women of the house
In await of their spouse

The fragrance of the sea
The air of the coast
Dawn as it arrives with the crimson shade
Far at the horizon I see the mast

The womenfolk rejoice
As the await ends
The crimsons have given way
And I see the minarets, poise 

The city awakes with the sound of the bell
It is indeed the call from “The Arakkal”.

The fishermen are back with their catch
And the sisters smile in the thatch
The market bustles with cacophony,
Vendors, pushers and gulls in the sky.

The womenfolk smile ,
 the men are busy
The harbor is docked, with ships, dhows and little boats
 They have returned with crispy life-notes

The city awakes to the cry of the hawkers
The yellow sun has met the azure

Muezzins have returned
And the temple priests are at rest.
The shrines of the saints ,colored bright
Among the crowded streets ,  a spiritual delight

The warehouses are full at the bay of the Mappilas
And the gullies alive like the waves and the canals
The bells and the wheels fill the narrow streets
Bargaining and paying, men on their feet

The city awakes to the grandeur of the majestic fort
As it looks at the sea, boisterous and pride

The sea has kissed the sand
White froth with the brown land
The palms sway and the waves resonate
The city has awakened with a charm,
The city that narrates stories and psalms.

A poem on the city which was once the capital city of Malabar, a historic Portland  and a stronghold of the sea warriors of the south.
A Tradition and Culture of more than  500 years,  Kannur City (Cannanore)