Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Faith is the contentment that one receives when submitted to a source of power. Faith is a strong bond, an internal one that connects you to someone else, and eternal faith is that which connects you to the supreme, the merciful, the compassionate and the planner.

During the childhood days we were innocent, we believed what people said. Our relatives, parents and siblings told us stories that made us excited and wondered at and we just believed it completely. We felt the stories, saw it and heard it as if It was real. This was because the mind and heart was clear. We had faith. We felt, whatever they said was true, was clear. The innocence brought us faith and it wasn’t the faith and trust towards the parent but when we dwell into the entire concept, we find that the ability to believe comes from a clean and pure heart, and that creates the trust. This is from a belief, a belief on someone who blew life into us, and that is faith.

The ultimate faith is towards god, the supreme power and faith means to submit in entirety. This we did when our minds were clear and innocent during the blissful days of childhood. But some may wonder, we didn’t have knowledge, we didn’t have the ability to understand the right from the wrong, and then how can one say that was faith. But that was indeed real faith, the faith that was already in us.
The faith in God and his powers was already ingrained into us from birth. It was just there. The things that happened next could be called the undoing of faith and the struggle of the soul against it. Quite philosophical but when thought in through this angle, it fits. The faith is to believe in something without any conditions. It is an unconditional love and belief for someone and it could be done and given to only a supreme power, or at least only to a single element and that one is God.

The love that comes after it is all part of the existence of God and the faith you have in him. The degree of faith is the crucial issue. People may believe in him or deny him. In the people who believe in him there are different degrees of belief and faith relies on these degrees. The Holy books tells us to reach the epitome of faith, to believe whatever he is and whatever comes from him unconditionally and when you can do it then you are the believer or as Quran terms him/her AlMu’min. The Quran explains it beautifully:

“Alif, Lam, Meem. This is the Book about which there is no doubt, guidance for those conscious of Allah. Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them”(AlQuran Ch2:V1,2,3) .

This explicitly states the belief in the unseen and that is an important part of the faith. Faith is strong when he can believe the unseen, the unfelt without a fragment of incredulity. He can believe whatever is given to him and he is known as the Muthaqi or one who is conscious of god. Faith is in believing something without any doubt, with absolute surety  and submitting to the belief completely.


A Nap...

After a small nap(quite small isn't it) , im back. It is again a series of thoughts that i will pen down and please do ponder over the content of the writings. It is something that goes in and out of our heads during the daily drudges of our lives. It also comes in with its fragrance when something happy happens to us. It is called faith, the entire concept gets discussed here


Thursday, 12 April 2012


The Right Way

If we look at the campuses of today, most of them are politics free. i.e. no political influence is felt directly on the students and staff of the colleges . This has greatly influenced the reactive power as well as awareness among the youth of today. The campus should have politics or a democratic system that could firstly mold the minds of the students into a socially active one and secondly help in achieving the rights of the students as well as performing their duties. The self-managed colleges(not all) have taken out this system of politics from their campuses so that there can be a peaceful college life without any strikes, agitations and bloodshed. But this isn’t the real reason. The point behind it is that the  Colleges can run themselves without any hassles and could function without the questioning of the students if the students aren’t organized. This helps in bringing rules and regulations according to the whims of the college management without any resistance if needed. Hence the colleges may look like one with five star facilities with students achieving curricular gains but in reality the college gives nothing but money vending machines.

Social awareness and activism is born in the college days for most of the youth and this can be achieved by college politics which help in waking the active gene of the youth. The present educational scenario has created a myth that politics ruins student life and education as a whole but in reality good political life at college nurtures an all-round development that could help in serving the nation in the future. Here the conflict is between politics itself. It is between the bad politics played by people who don the face of not politicizing the campus but in reality play cruel politics behind the wall and people who genuinely and sincerely want to help the students and society. Politics doesn’t have pros and cons but it is the good politics which is the pro and bad politics is the con. The game of violent campus politics is a result of such subjugation and intolerance from the men who are against politicizing the campus.

Good politics would help in building the campus into a better one and could bring more activities and help in the wholesome development of students personality .student activities shouldn’t be controlled and it should be left to the students with the governance of the staff so that it could bring some color to the campus.

Monday, 19 March 2012


The present campus scene has witnessed changes that is slowly washing away the political presence in the campus. This has made me think, whether politics is necessary in college or is it of harm.

Politics is a part of every citizen in this nation. The world's largest democracy is maybe the only nation that is truly gripped by politics and political changes.The youth represents the spirit of democracy and colleges are the field where it can be practiced. 
Politics in campus has awakened the social senses of the students and taught them to struggle, resist and fight.It has taught the youth to be brave ,be socially right and fight against injustice. The youth has the power to do it and politics forms an umbrella for them. The colleges in Kerala is seeing a slow withdrawal of political influence from campus life. some say politics has made the campus filthy. Bloodshed and dirty strikes create a gruesome atmosphere but i feel it is better to have it than not because without politics or a socially active environment, the college dies. The campus is simply buried alive because there is no moral obligation for his/her study and politics tries to bring it. The chance for students to be socially aware is withdrawn and the campus creates guinea pigs with ID cards around their necks as it is being done in some campuses. The students learn to become mere audience and in the future it will create socially dumb citizens who gulp down whatever given to them.
Politics here does not mean you need to be a Party member but it means you need to be spirited,aware and a social.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012: Revolution and Resolution

New year posts are always delivered on the day or the next but this is not of that kind . it is just a thought...a thought that could spin in any ones head,an analysis of the happenings, what was the previous year about and what would the next year bring?
I would call 2011 the year of revolution. The year that awoke the sleeping minds of the middle.. when the 60s where the years of armed revolution under comrade Che, this was  a revolution that smelled jasmine.Similar to the way Che became a symbol of every angry but socially committed and spirited youth,the jasmine has become the symbol of peaceful unarmed struggle against despotism.No one imagined the Arabs could break the chains and unbolt the shackles apart.It happened and it happened big time...The fervor flowed through every nation in that region.The most impressive aspect of this revolution was that the fragrance even reached the capital of capitalism in the form of occupy wall street!..

Revolution is to revolve and by default it doesn't stop. we always feel we need to fight, struggle, create a revolution and then?? and then it is revolution again. It just doesn't stop with a mass parade or hunger strikes but it grows with every success it creates and that is why it is called REVOLUTION.
What will 2012 bring us? The world witnessed a great upheaval and the fragrance of the jasmine shouldn't die out. That should be the resolution of every social being in this world because history has shown us that there were great revolutionaries who created astounding changes in the world and then it was back to square one.The fervor dies out, the cry fades and sometimes it takes a cruel turn where the fighter of freedom becomes the hangman of freedom. Other times the revolution is hijacked. It is simply taken away, far away from the people and it is killed brutally ,never to wake up again.That is why we say revolution should revolves like the sun.

2012 would be a year that sees the first harvest after the seeds have been sown. will it be a success or will the fragrance of jasmine fade away ??
Hope we see the light of a just rule and hope we see a free world.The resolution for 2012 is revolution.The year of youth hopefully.