Thursday, 9 October 2014

The legality

The matter of law is always disputed and varies in different parts of the world. It is seen that certain rules and laws vary to a complete opposite when moving from place to place. This makes legal decision a gimmick at places as it is legal now and illegal then or the other way round. The base of a decision by law depends not on the law but the environment and the circumstances prevalent there and more than that it is in how the matter is shown rather than what the matter is.
As someone said there are no good people and bad people but there are people with good and bad in themselves, so is the matter of law. Laws are made to be broken, changed and twisted according to the person and environment bringing in a new law and maybe that’s applicable only for a certain community. So any social custom, rule or law becomes good as well as bad, a sort of relativity. A good example is the way males and females think. A habit seen as bad by the female maybe seen as good by the male and vice versa.
But human conscience suggests that there should be a true law, a real right and wrong and who decides it is a question. It brings us to the god theory or the reality of God, someone who is there before time and will be present after time and hence would make the right and the wrong. The working of the existential present (The world) is such that something that is legal now was illegal before and the other way round. Understanding this working gives the picture of the plan that is running this world, the plan of god. It is not a law that runs this world but a plan and the plan changes lawful and unlawful, bringing illegal to legal and legal to the illegal framework.
Man-made laws are sometimes inspired by god or nature’s inevitable rules which are followed by all except humans. Humans have the tendency to break it or change it. This gives the proof for the instability of certain laws according to the situation. Human beings tend to deviate from any set of norms and hence the laws and rules he creates may also vary from right to wrong or wrong to right.
As far as the rule of god is concerned, it relies on the plan and it runs according to the plan. The laws and rules do not matter within the framework of his plan. Belief in the plan itself is the law.