Saturday, 12 November 2011

rape demands death... a head chop

The verdict is out and thank god it is a well deserved one. The incident shook every person in the state of kerala sending shockwaves. A girl being raped and killed in a train journey....may her soul rest in peace
Such incidents happening in a public transport system is a disgrace. It sends an alarm to the authorities. He deserves a death sentence and i wish it could be more cruel.. a person with one hand could do a heinous crime like this , thank god he doesnt have both because he would be a satan.
he surely deserves the death sentence and i wish they had decapitation in this country for such dead cold guys.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New waves

After a long break im back. the world spun so fast with a lot of things happening all around. The fruits of the arab spring are out fresh. The tunisian election was a major victory for the islamists in the region and hopes of new waves are on.

Rachid Ghanoushi

New Waves

The Tunisian elections got over and the results caused a bhoom! across the world, but the media which is fit with a silencer didnt take notice. An Islamist party winning the major share of seats was a revolutionary news indeed. It is for the first time after 7 years that this is happening.The Tunisian election gave the world a just result. It showed the world that people could democratize a land ruled by a dictator for more than 24 years. More importantly it showed that Democracy is not a system for governance according to western ideas and morals but it could take in any flavor of choice and the choice is of the people.

After a long fight , Ennahda(Renaissance Party) and its intellectual leader Rachid Ghanoushi have something to be proud of. They are creating a purely democratic government under islamic morals. But how does the world muslims look at it?
The western world fears a caliphate whereas the muslims are still suspicious, especially the hardliners. Ennahda has secured 41pc of the votes and  CPR(Congress for the Republic party) is in the 2nd spot with the Leftist party Etakkatul coming in third. The government is said to be formed in a few days and it would be an alliance between the three. Ennahdha has already put in their candidate for presidency, Hammad Jbeli. The government is a pure democratic one and would run Tunisia for its people. An Islamic state is out of question.

The Indian muslims see it as a triumph indeed but certain sections are suspicious and against it, saying that the party made them believe that it would bring an islamic state and now has betrayed them by announcing a democratic government. But the Irony of the matter is, these sections themselves have never tried to introduce an islamic system( Economic,governance etc) but on the other hand uphold pure western and unislamic ideology in the Political arena. When Egypt witnessed the revolution with the mass on the streets and the only organisation in full support of the movement being MB, the same sections of muslims said they too are dubious as they have also promised a democratic government. This duality in basic principle regarding governance and political issues are due to their regional animosity with the people who support the revolution and these parties with soul and blood. It is quite a shame that such regional differences could let them take BIG opinions on such matters.

To understand the ideology of Ennahda read