Monday, 5 December 2011

The greatest Sacrifice: Imam Hussein(r.a)

Shahast Hussain, badshahast Hussain,
Deenast Hussain, deen-e panahast Hussain,
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazid,
Haqa key binaey La ilaha ilallahast Hussain

Husayn is the master, Husayn is the king,
Husayn is the symbol of faith, Husayn is the defender of faith,
He gave his life rather than allegiance to Yazid
Verily the foundation of La'illah illa-allah is Husayn.
The 10th of Muharram is a day that not only muslims but the entire humanity mourns since the day brought the great calamity, the tragic episode that painted the sky red. Imam Hussein(R.A) was brutally killed by ruthless evil hypocrite, Yazid. The beloved grandson of prophet Muhammad(SAWS) was killed by this despotic ruler and his army. It was a day of sacrifice. A revolutionary became a martyr. The Sunni world has often forgotten this event or maybe has given lesser significance but this event can never be forgotten since it was a fight against tyranny and Monarchy.
Imam Hussein(R.A) sacrificed his life to revive the muslim Ummah which was going into a slumber. The islamic system was getting tampered. It began with force from the rule of Muawiyyah and came out into the open with the appointment of his son Yazid. It was a treason since it violated the agreement between him and Imam Hassan(R.A).In reality the islamic system was slowly being bitten away, it was being trodden down .Imam Hussein(R.A) sensed it and this is why he stood up against the hypocrite Yazid. The Tragic episode would break you down. Ten days of suffering with women and children deprived of food and water brought them near death. Imam Hussein's son Ali(zain-ul-abideen) was on verge of death due to dehydration! The cruelty that the army committed towards the family was atrocious and can never be forgiven. Our prophet's family was humiliated in this tragic event!
Indeed Hussain(R.A) sacrificed his life for Islam. The sacrifice had certain objectives. It brought the Muslim Ummah back from a period of siesta.The Islamic system based on morality,justice and freedom was being replaced by oppressive monarchy.As Maulana Moudoodi(r.a) points out, the concept of God's sovereignty was being reduced to mere oral assent and thus the basic system was being slowly destroyed. Imam Hussein(R.A) sensed it and fought courageously against it. The principle of enjoining the right and forbidding what is wrong was neglected and these fundamentals were slowly being removed from the state. This martyrdom was against such evil changes.
The Brave Imam Hussain(R.A) fell a martyr in this struggle. It is a day of sorrow, and every muslim nay, every person in this world should engrave this sorrowful event in their hearts so that they never forget why Great Imam Hussein(R.A) became a martyr and why it is the greatest sacrifice.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

rape demands death... a head chop

The verdict is out and thank god it is a well deserved one. The incident shook every person in the state of kerala sending shockwaves. A girl being raped and killed in a train journey....may her soul rest in peace
Such incidents happening in a public transport system is a disgrace. It sends an alarm to the authorities. He deserves a death sentence and i wish it could be more cruel.. a person with one hand could do a heinous crime like this , thank god he doesnt have both because he would be a satan.
he surely deserves the death sentence and i wish they had decapitation in this country for such dead cold guys.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New waves

After a long break im back. the world spun so fast with a lot of things happening all around. The fruits of the arab spring are out fresh. The tunisian election was a major victory for the islamists in the region and hopes of new waves are on.

Rachid Ghanoushi

New Waves

The Tunisian elections got over and the results caused a bhoom! across the world, but the media which is fit with a silencer didnt take notice. An Islamist party winning the major share of seats was a revolutionary news indeed. It is for the first time after 7 years that this is happening.The Tunisian election gave the world a just result. It showed the world that people could democratize a land ruled by a dictator for more than 24 years. More importantly it showed that Democracy is not a system for governance according to western ideas and morals but it could take in any flavor of choice and the choice is of the people.

After a long fight , Ennahda(Renaissance Party) and its intellectual leader Rachid Ghanoushi have something to be proud of. They are creating a purely democratic government under islamic morals. But how does the world muslims look at it?
The western world fears a caliphate whereas the muslims are still suspicious, especially the hardliners. Ennahda has secured 41pc of the votes and  CPR(Congress for the Republic party) is in the 2nd spot with the Leftist party Etakkatul coming in third. The government is said to be formed in a few days and it would be an alliance between the three. Ennahdha has already put in their candidate for presidency, Hammad Jbeli. The government is a pure democratic one and would run Tunisia for its people. An Islamic state is out of question.

The Indian muslims see it as a triumph indeed but certain sections are suspicious and against it, saying that the party made them believe that it would bring an islamic state and now has betrayed them by announcing a democratic government. But the Irony of the matter is, these sections themselves have never tried to introduce an islamic system( Economic,governance etc) but on the other hand uphold pure western and unislamic ideology in the Political arena. When Egypt witnessed the revolution with the mass on the streets and the only organisation in full support of the movement being MB, the same sections of muslims said they too are dubious as they have also promised a democratic government. This duality in basic principle regarding governance and political issues are due to their regional animosity with the people who support the revolution and these parties with soul and blood. It is quite a shame that such regional differences could let them take BIG opinions on such matters.

To understand the ideology of Ennahda read

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


To all the people of the net world my hearty wishes for Eid ul fitr!!
Hayaak allah wa baarak allah!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Ramadhan thoughts

Salaam brothers and sisters,

It is the 12th of Ramadhan and the spirit of this holy month is on. A month that gives you another chance to cleanse yourself from all the sins of the past and be born again. The month brings a spiritual ambiance to the household. A thought runs through most of the Muslims, " i want to change. forget the sins of the past and be nice again". It is indeed the power of this month.
Ramadhan brings a special flavor to our lives.The mosque is visited more frequently, quran becomes a close friend, and zakah helps purify your income and help the poor of your community. The month elevates your spirits and gives you a moral boost to throw away your old dirty habits and be born again. Quran translations, recitations and supplications fill your daily lives.
This month is actually a rectification month. It gives you a month to take resolutions, like the new year resolutions. but Ramadhan gives you, not a day but 30 days to plan and take a good path in the future. But this doesnt last long for most. As soon as ramadhan ends, shaythan plays mischief and the entire spirit of ramadhan slowly dies out. the quran translations are left in the shelf and the radio plays Lady Gaga and Eminem again. This happens in every one's life including the life of this blogger. The month clears away all your sins and you are ready for the life for God, but then it becomes a month that cleans you and keeps you ready... ready for the life of the past. It is a predicament of the ordinary muslims. Movie theatres are jam packed  on Eid and some discos witness the Muslim comeback. People who wear beautiful white skull caps and sport beard are back to some Punk look.It isn't about the dress but it is about the change in the hearts and minds. The mind has pressed the reverse button and its back to square one.This is a scene seen in every Muslim's life.
It doesnt mean that the change that this holy month brings is fruitless and there is no need to change.There is hope. Maybe this Ramadhan would change you and me forever.This hope gives you a holy zest to be good.
Hope this Ramadhan brings a real change in our lives and maintains it for the rest of our lives. Hope the recitations and the prayers remain as a part of our daily lives and hope there is no reverse button.

Allahumma Ghfirli Zunoobi Ya Rabba Al Alameen
Allahumma Ghfirli Zunoobi Ya Rabba Al Alameen
Allahumma Ghfirli Zunoobi Ya Rabba Al Alameen

Ramadhan thoughts

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It was a moment of pride when you got first class marks... Sweet distribution, celebrations and moms had tears  of joy in their eyes....
That was 15 years ago.
Nowadays the entire educational circle of india is inspired by Rajnikanth and the chitti robot! guess why?? Thats what the delhi university is asserting.

The Delhi University has raised their cut-offs to virtually unachievable levels. Its come down to a situation where marks are everything in life. The Indian Education system is all about 99s and 100s.You succeed in life only if you have a 100 in maths! quite the opposite sometimes. The marks you get in your boards never decide your future. Its about your ambition and passion and these two things give you wings.
The University is infact promoting unhealthy competition that would destroy social and educational structure of the indian society. I think, its really absurd and irrational (Hi5 to Kapil Sibalji)
They are trying to promote human perfection. The world is obsessed with perfectionism and in education ,it would surely ruin a section of the youth.
I was wondering , if students with 93 and 94 pcs cant get into a good college what will be the state of the rest??
One thing is for sure... This is not good for India
The systems needs a dishwash

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Palestinian Issue

The Martyrdom of Milad Samir Ayyash has awakened the world to the issue of palestine... The issue that seems impossible to be resolved but which has a simple answer. When you are kicked out of your own house by a stranger and you fight for your house..who is the wrongdoer and who is right?? When people of a land cannot even mourn for their brothers killed and commemorate a sad and tragic event where seven lakh people where simply chucked out of their homeland,i ponder are we living in gods green earth?
Even the President of the worlds most powerful country is opposed openly by an adamant Netanyahu government which does not recognize a democratically elected government it is plain mockery of democracy
let us know the facts and what is this issue really about. Its a holy dilemma   

A Holy Dilemma
By Assad Hariz

It may be the only holy land in the world where people die and kill each other. The land soaked in blood. It is the land which has been battled on for thousands of years. Land of the unkind. It is called Palestine by its citizens and Israel by its rulers. It is the only place where injustice is legalized and sanctioned by the UN. The land in which the owners are mere slaves and ruled by foreigners. The world saw the end of slavery and colonization but went blind on this piece of land.

Its history talks about a multicultural society where the Canaanites, Amorites and Jebusites lived. The present day sufferers are their sons; the Arabs who are in majority but are slowly vanishing from this land. Muslims entered the place in 638 C.E under the commandership of Umer, the second caliph of the Islamic empire. Thousands converted to Islam and the official religion became Islam. The Christians and Jews lived peacefully under the Islamic rule until the crusades occurred. The crusades saw a tough period for the Muslims who lived there. The third crusade saw the death of more than 3000 innocent civilians under the very own hands of Richard the lion heart. From then on with intervals, Muslim misery continued until its peak when in 1917, the Balfore declaration was made and the Sykes Picot pact was signed which divided the Palestinian land, stripped it, not only from the Muslims but even the indigenous Christian and Jews.
The present day Jews that have settled in Israel are in fact immigrants from Eastern Europe. They are the descendants of the Khazar tribe of Russia, or the Ashkenese who moved from Russia to Eastern Europe and finally to Israel, a safe haven. But it wasn’t just a migration of poor Jews from Europe; rather it was a political move that helped Europe and other western powers and ultimately the Zionists.
The Zionist movement surfaced in1896 as the Jewish Colonization Association under a German named Baron Maurice De Hirsch. Other Jewish personality that was in the for front of the ‘Jewish state’ theory was Theodore Herzl who was a journalist. Even before such ideas were publicly announced, Jews had started to migrate. From 1882-1903,a wave of about 25000 Jews had settled in Palestine, especially from eastern Europe .Meanwhile the Zionist ideology was growing its tentacles into the political world. During the First World War, the Zionists supported Germany, in fact their head quarter was at Berlin, but when Turkey allied with Germany, they withdrew and supported Britain.
This helped in the establishment of a Jewish state on a completely secular land. The Jews from all over the world settled down in Israel. In the name of security for the Jewish minority, Britain created laws which baffled sane minds. Laws that allowed carrying of weapons, laws of immigration and various other laws that helped in cementing the Jewish menace. By 1914 the Jewish settlement increased to 40000 and 6 percentage of total population. Palestinians rebelled against this illegal occupation which resulted in the killings of hundreds of Palestinians. Such rebellions took place in 1920, 21, 29 and 36.
But, even though the Palestinian aggression could be understood, the Jewish attacks again surprised the entire world. The Jews started the Haganah (a terrorist organization or in present terminology Jewish Jihadist). They attacked Palestinians .The census that was taken in October 1921 revealed appalling facts. Out of the total population, 78% were Muslims, 9%Christians and 11% Jewish!
The land ownership of the Jews rose from 1.56% at the beginning to 6.67%.The Jews under Britain’s bosoms expanded into a headache for Middle East. 34 premeditated massacres occurred in between 1948-1950in which 13000 civilians got killed and 926000 became refugees. Even at present Palestinians are scattered all over refugee camps. The Jews started several terrorist organizations demanding a Jewish commonwealth. Some of them are the Haganah who had a large recruitment, IZL and the stern Gang. It is the ironies of irony that a nation is under occupation and its occupiers cry for justice and liberation! These terrorist organizations attacked several Palestinian towns and helped in the illegal settlement process. More than 100000 Jews settled during this phase. The IZL killed more than 350 villagers in Deir Yassin. When Hitler’s holocaust is said to be the greatest massacre of all times, the Palestinian issue is something that cannot be defined by a single word called ‘massacre’ .It is greater than a holocaust. It is torture of innocent civilians. The entire Palestinian population was reduced from 800000 to a jaw dropping 156000! It was the largest case of ethnic cleansing that Humanity has ever seen. In November 1947 the UN divided Palestine into two. The Arabs controlled 56.2% of the land and the Jews controlled 43.8%. But Israel declared itself a nation on May 15th 1948. It was the inaugural function of the world’s slaughter house. Large scale massacres, Pillages and brutal killings brought Palestine into shackles. The Pressure from Jewish lobbyists in the USA chained up the very values of democracy. The Arabs, the fellow brethren slept to the sweet lullaby of bombs and missiles that fell on every inch of Gaza.

But there were half hearted efforts from the Arabs which brought more damage than consolidation. The most famous of them was the six day war that happened in 1967.The Arabs lost terribly. The Israeli aggression worsened and the Arabs were silenced. It wasn’t until 1973 when Egypt entered Gaza but had to retreat due to American pressure. This brought back the Palestinian confidence. Yassir Arafat and the like were brought into the front face. It wasn’t an Islamic struggle but it was a socialist resistance and hence didn’t find any solution. Later in 1987 after more than 60 years of torture the first Intifada (uprising) was started. The first intifada wasn’t a great one but caught the attention of the world media. It was under the leadership of the Fattah movement that this took place. This helped the Palestinians raise their voice in the world politics. Finally by 1993 they achieved a little success. The Oslo accord was signed and some parts of Gaza and Israel were under the Palestinian authority for a while. But the pillage continued, sometimes covered by the media and sometimes under the dark clouds. Palestinian families were ripped apart. Thousands became homeless and were forced to seek refuge in the neighboring countries. Lebanon, Egypt and Syria are some of them. The media’s game of showing suicide bombings and attacks by Islamic Jihad and Hamas in a brutal light and hiding the large scale massacres and bulldozing by the Israel forces helped in belittling of Palestine into rubbles.
The year 2000 saw the second Intifada which united the Palestinians under the flag of hope. It had its crackers bursting for a while when the Israeli hunting began. The Hamas supremo Sheikh Yassin an old person in a wheel chair was killed mercilessly (2004), stating that he was a threat. Then numerous leaders of Hamas were killed one after the other. United States stood for its greatly revered value of democracy and the Palestinians agreed to it. Hamas was elected to power by purely democratic methods. Unfortunately US did not find it democratic as democracy is defined as something that’s acceptable to Uncle Sam. Israel openly promulgated its hatred towards the Palestinians by not accepting any relations with the newly elected government.
The Massacre continues without any hindrance. Babies with bullet wounds, Schools in rubbles and tanks patrolling markets are daily scenes for a Palestinian. Hundreds of women left widowed, thousands of children left fatherless and still the brutality continues without any condemnation from the global mass. It has been repeated again in December when about two thousand civilians were slaughtered and among them more than 500 were innocent children. One of the longest tortures a nation has suffered in the world’s history, the story of Palestine will stand as the permanent black spot in world history. Palestinian blood does not die out. For each person killed, an entire family awakes to fight for their motherland. Palestine has stood as the holy land that has been smeared
With the blood of innocent men, women and children for more than thousand years, a holy land that has bled profusely for its people. It is a holy land trampled upon by sinners, a dilemma that seems neither immutable nor solvable, unless the world begins to open its eyes and its leaders don’t act like they are Imbecile.

We will not go down without a fight for Gaza tonight” --Michael Hart

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Azdo says..

After a long fight, the endosulfan crisis has come to an end... hope it has. The long fight for the affected hundreds has shown some fruit. Eventhough the ban should be passed by the assembly , the world has shown solidarity to the poor people of kasergod and elsewhere at the stockholm convention.when countries like bahrain and qatar supported the ban and even China which uses it widely was negetive on the continual of its use, india tries to reach a consensus but fortunately India changed  her mind...or had to.Thanks to tireless efforts from the people of kerala, the cry of the victims were heard...

This is a fight capitalistic money makers and their bottle fed politicians because of whom humanity is at loss..
Thanks to all who stood for the cause

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The chemical war

ENDOSULFAN: We dont need it..

The political world has done more than enough to make the lives of the poor farmers miserable . The soil now reaps painfully red blood and deformed children. this war had begun in the 50s unknowingly,and now it has grown into a farmer killer. The US banned it as soon as it was found that it has resulted in pregnancy related problems but India is still very shaky and infirm on this issue. The people were shocked when the central government showed no signs of banning it. The Kasergod (south India) tragedy has wrecked the place. why doesn't these adamant politicians look into the eyes of the poor babies who lie without any help, begging for mercy. why doesn't these politicians feel the cry in the hearts of the poor parents? 
It is sad to see the youth of the metro and 'building jungles' not aware of what this hue and cry is all about. Its late but better late than never, we need to educate and protest.Every Indian , should be aware of the harm,how hazardous is this chemical Dracula and why some men are keen on keeping it .The chemical banned in more than 80 countries till date is not banned in  the largest democracy of this world? A tragedy of this era.
while the world is going to discuss on this issue tomorrow at the Stockholm convention, the state of Kerala(India) has declared the day to be ENDOSULFAN protest day.hope the world heeds to the cry of the farmers of Kasergod, and numerous other victims around the world.

what is ENDOSULFAN??
Endosulfan protest day 25th April2011!/event.php?eid=197779380263923 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Behind the veil

Behind the veil
                          Assad Hariz
Freedom of speech,liberty,equality the three cornerstones of modern day western democracy ,the right way to rule the only option for this world and America’s first choice has come down in shatters when the candy president of France NikolasSsarkozy announced the ban of the Burkha(Naqaab). Liberalists and feminists cheered the decision saying it was the victory of woman, their freedom . many others welcomed it because they were against religion and religious symbols and some others just because it had something to do with ISLAM.
The dictionary of the world has now been rewritten. Liberation means walking down the street nude. Freedom of speech means defaming Islam and whatever the Muslims respect. Media controlled racial attacks have been going on for decades.With the advent of visual media and its high speed distribution, it has become easier and the Zionists and anti religionists have taken full advantage of it. This ban on burkha is one of their achievements against Islam.
Consider the issue from a more humanitarian and democratic view. If a country allows woman to wear two piece clothing and walk in the streets without any problem, it is obviously possible for a woman to wear a burkha and do the same. She has the right to wear it. It is part of her integrity and womanhood. People who oppose the Naqaab talk about identity issues, communication issues but they are nothing but lame arguments to cover up their vested interests. A Naqaab is a sister’s personal choice .When a lady walks with a miniskirt or a bikini ,it doesn’t raise a cry , not even a whisper from the government bodies and the ever hungry media but when a woman chooses to dress herself modestly, it sparks fire in the hearts of the so called liberalists and feminists and the right wing activists.The right wing parties have opposed dignity,modesty and basic womens rights when they offended the right of a Muslim sister to wear what she likes.?Unfortunately it was something that they didn’t like to watch her wear. Are they fighting for women’s rights or are they degrading and caging women into their carnal interests???
Europe the greatest advocate of freedom and liberty has succumbed to the vested interests of right wing to deny the basic right of every sister.

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