Sunday, 30 November 2014

Random Travel thoughts : Dubai..

No one knew that the simplicity of the desert could be transformed into a flashy land of glittering sky scrapers and speeding metros with millions of people commuting day and night. My recent visit to the Arabian land of dreams, Dubai made me think about human expansion and modernism.
The travel from Muscat to the UAE gives different shades of geography as well as life. The small two storeyed villas and buildings slowly diminish and the large beautiful farms with beautiful date palms and green banana plants are washed away with rugged grey mountains at the border. Then we reach the canvas for this thought, a desert at the foot with large towers standing in the horizon.

It starts with a sea of sands but to what it transforms is bedazzlement. A city of concrete still in its formative period but roaring to the world that it is the next big one. The growth of the Emirates is fast and grand which brought in international infrastructure and a multi-cultural flavor to the place. But as it is with all the big cities of the world the material connectivity is increasing at a rapid pace while human connectivity is slowly vanishing and it does matter when it is in a land that has an established culture of hospitality, courtesy and values. The Modern development often pulls down human values bringing in unhealthy competition in life that changes human beings into money churning machines. While money is good, consumerism may lead to loss of human values and this need to be checked as applicable to all major cities.

But the transformation of this country is something near unbelievable when thinking about the desert it was. Thanks to the wise men behind this, the Emirates is standing tall. The barren hot desert has been changed into heaven and hope the heaven does not lose the humans from it.