Monday, 29 September 2014

A walk back....

I was walking back through time and these eight lines came into my mind... some beautiful times
a lot of scenes pass by with this one picture and these lines bring back numerous episodes of a small part of my life.....

How time flies by
I wonder why 
Remembering this
would make me cry
hearts together 
forget never
the bond will remain
       forever forever.....

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Ride... a simple note

Early morning breaks in and it is a weekday. The busy schedule of office begins. I dress up make something that I only know how to eat and jump into my car. The ride begins.
I get into my car switching it on to hear the humming. I wait a few minutes to get my ride charged up and then begin the journey. This isn't a road trip or a pleasant journey this one is my daily trip to office. 
The radio is on and I am with Chris Fischer.  It is journey of 60 km and I want it to be a peaceful one but alas the schools here don’t like me driving well. There are big coasters full of kids with uniform, then the Mommies with shades taking their kids, and the office goers like me who may be thinking the same way.
 I cruise down the highway without any hassles and sometimes it is splendid outside. The mountain top is covered with low lying clouds and it looks perfect and as I begin enjoying the ride comes the next boulder. Some people like traffic and they cause this second one. The cars try to overtake and just sneak into the right track, then others follow until there is a big fat one right at the end of the flyover.
The traffic doubles the time to reach my office. I wonder if all could obey the rules it would have been better or else rules shouldn't be there. The rules with rule breakers ends up in sluggish roads. Soon I reach the expressway and this is where I enjoy it. With a smooth 120km/h I cruise through it relaxed with the latest beats on. To give myself a nudge I tune into the Arabic one listening to the Khaleeji or the modern. I just love the beats and I feel I am speeding on a beautiful desert camel.

It is nearing eight and I am on track. I reach the office all set to start another day of work thinking of the return journey….

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The world of dreams

It has been long since i wrote something and i was lying on my bed with my blanket on my feet looking at the brown peak that i see through my window. It looked great with the sun shining and giving it a slight golden shade. The writer in me awoke and i felt i need to start once again.
So i thought why not begin with words from someone close. why not resuscitate it with my sister's words. I had a conversation with my sister and i asked her for her verses and scribbles as i had read a piece before and i loved it and so i got one from her diary, a small but beautiful one.

let it be a good beginning.

From my sister's diary,

World of Dreams
                                        By Sheza Shareef

Top at the mountain
alone she lies
whispering to the wind
sweet wishes she has.
nature embraces, snow kisses
Rain showers, its all her wishes.
heart blossoms like flower
hands welcome her love.
cracked the heart,wishes flow
shackles build up,dreams blow.
her body starts moving
to behold her inner strength
her heart starts weeping
for she failed to hold breath.
mind probes here and there
heart urged all through her.
but the wall has risen up
making her fall from atop.
far away the wall,her soul lies
top at the mountain side.
wall of dream,made her void
world of dream, took her away.
here in this world alone she lies
away from the world of dreams.