Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Faith is the contentment that one receives when submitted to a source of power. Faith is a strong bond, an internal one that connects you to someone else, and eternal faith is that which connects you to the supreme, the merciful, the compassionate and the planner.

During the childhood days we were innocent, we believed what people said. Our relatives, parents and siblings told us stories that made us excited and wondered at and we just believed it completely. We felt the stories, saw it and heard it as if It was real. This was because the mind and heart was clear. We had faith. We felt, whatever they said was true, was clear. The innocence brought us faith and it wasn’t the faith and trust towards the parent but when we dwell into the entire concept, we find that the ability to believe comes from a clean and pure heart, and that creates the trust. This is from a belief, a belief on someone who blew life into us, and that is faith.

The ultimate faith is towards god, the supreme power and faith means to submit in entirety. This we did when our minds were clear and innocent during the blissful days of childhood. But some may wonder, we didn’t have knowledge, we didn’t have the ability to understand the right from the wrong, and then how can one say that was faith. But that was indeed real faith, the faith that was already in us.
The faith in God and his powers was already ingrained into us from birth. It was just there. The things that happened next could be called the undoing of faith and the struggle of the soul against it. Quite philosophical but when thought in through this angle, it fits. The faith is to believe in something without any conditions. It is an unconditional love and belief for someone and it could be done and given to only a supreme power, or at least only to a single element and that one is God.

The love that comes after it is all part of the existence of God and the faith you have in him. The degree of faith is the crucial issue. People may believe in him or deny him. In the people who believe in him there are different degrees of belief and faith relies on these degrees. The Holy books tells us to reach the epitome of faith, to believe whatever he is and whatever comes from him unconditionally and when you can do it then you are the believer or as Quran terms him/her AlMu’min. The Quran explains it beautifully:

“Alif, Lam, Meem. This is the Book about which there is no doubt, guidance for those conscious of Allah. Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them”(AlQuran Ch2:V1,2,3) .

This explicitly states the belief in the unseen and that is an important part of the faith. Faith is strong when he can believe the unseen, the unfelt without a fragment of incredulity. He can believe whatever is given to him and he is known as the Muthaqi or one who is conscious of god. Faith is in believing something without any doubt, with absolute surety  and submitting to the belief completely.


A Nap...

After a small nap(quite small isn't it) , im back. It is again a series of thoughts that i will pen down and please do ponder over the content of the writings. It is something that goes in and out of our heads during the daily drudges of our lives. It also comes in with its fragrance when something happy happens to us. It is called faith, the entire concept gets discussed here