Thursday, 12 April 2012


The Right Way

If we look at the campuses of today, most of them are politics free. i.e. no political influence is felt directly on the students and staff of the colleges . This has greatly influenced the reactive power as well as awareness among the youth of today. The campus should have politics or a democratic system that could firstly mold the minds of the students into a socially active one and secondly help in achieving the rights of the students as well as performing their duties. The self-managed colleges(not all) have taken out this system of politics from their campuses so that there can be a peaceful college life without any strikes, agitations and bloodshed. But this isn’t the real reason. The point behind it is that the  Colleges can run themselves without any hassles and could function without the questioning of the students if the students aren’t organized. This helps in bringing rules and regulations according to the whims of the college management without any resistance if needed. Hence the colleges may look like one with five star facilities with students achieving curricular gains but in reality the college gives nothing but money vending machines.

Social awareness and activism is born in the college days for most of the youth and this can be achieved by college politics which help in waking the active gene of the youth. The present educational scenario has created a myth that politics ruins student life and education as a whole but in reality good political life at college nurtures an all-round development that could help in serving the nation in the future. Here the conflict is between politics itself. It is between the bad politics played by people who don the face of not politicizing the campus but in reality play cruel politics behind the wall and people who genuinely and sincerely want to help the students and society. Politics doesn’t have pros and cons but it is the good politics which is the pro and bad politics is the con. The game of violent campus politics is a result of such subjugation and intolerance from the men who are against politicizing the campus.

Good politics would help in building the campus into a better one and could bring more activities and help in the wholesome development of students personality .student activities shouldn’t be controlled and it should be left to the students with the governance of the staff so that it could bring some color to the campus.