Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012: Revolution and Resolution

New year posts are always delivered on the day or the next but this is not of that kind . it is just a thought...a thought that could spin in any ones head,an analysis of the happenings, what was the previous year about and what would the next year bring?
I would call 2011 the year of revolution. The year that awoke the sleeping minds of the middle.. when the 60s where the years of armed revolution under comrade Che, this was  a revolution that smelled jasmine.Similar to the way Che became a symbol of every angry but socially committed and spirited youth,the jasmine has become the symbol of peaceful unarmed struggle against despotism.No one imagined the Arabs could break the chains and unbolt the shackles apart.It happened and it happened big time...The fervor flowed through every nation in that region.The most impressive aspect of this revolution was that the fragrance even reached the capital of capitalism in the form of occupy wall street!..

Revolution is to revolve and by default it doesn't stop. we always feel we need to fight, struggle, create a revolution and then?? and then it is revolution again. It just doesn't stop with a mass parade or hunger strikes but it grows with every success it creates and that is why it is called REVOLUTION.
What will 2012 bring us? The world witnessed a great upheaval and the fragrance of the jasmine shouldn't die out. That should be the resolution of every social being in this world because history has shown us that there were great revolutionaries who created astounding changes in the world and then it was back to square one.The fervor dies out, the cry fades and sometimes it takes a cruel turn where the fighter of freedom becomes the hangman of freedom. Other times the revolution is hijacked. It is simply taken away, far away from the people and it is killed brutally ,never to wake up again.That is why we say revolution should revolves like the sun.

2012 would be a year that sees the first harvest after the seeds have been sown. will it be a success or will the fragrance of jasmine fade away ??
Hope we see the light of a just rule and hope we see a free world.The resolution for 2012 is revolution.The year of youth hopefully.