Saturday, 30 April 2011

Azdo says..

After a long fight, the endosulfan crisis has come to an end... hope it has. The long fight for the affected hundreds has shown some fruit. Eventhough the ban should be passed by the assembly , the world has shown solidarity to the poor people of kasergod and elsewhere at the stockholm convention.when countries like bahrain and qatar supported the ban and even China which uses it widely was negetive on the continual of its use, india tries to reach a consensus but fortunately India changed  her mind...or had to.Thanks to tireless efforts from the people of kerala, the cry of the victims were heard...

This is a fight capitalistic money makers and their bottle fed politicians because of whom humanity is at loss..
Thanks to all who stood for the cause

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The chemical war

ENDOSULFAN: We dont need it..

The political world has done more than enough to make the lives of the poor farmers miserable . The soil now reaps painfully red blood and deformed children. this war had begun in the 50s unknowingly,and now it has grown into a farmer killer. The US banned it as soon as it was found that it has resulted in pregnancy related problems but India is still very shaky and infirm on this issue. The people were shocked when the central government showed no signs of banning it. The Kasergod (south India) tragedy has wrecked the place. why doesn't these adamant politicians look into the eyes of the poor babies who lie without any help, begging for mercy. why doesn't these politicians feel the cry in the hearts of the poor parents? 
It is sad to see the youth of the metro and 'building jungles' not aware of what this hue and cry is all about. Its late but better late than never, we need to educate and protest.Every Indian , should be aware of the harm,how hazardous is this chemical Dracula and why some men are keen on keeping it .The chemical banned in more than 80 countries till date is not banned in  the largest democracy of this world? A tragedy of this era.
while the world is going to discuss on this issue tomorrow at the Stockholm convention, the state of Kerala(India) has declared the day to be ENDOSULFAN protest day.hope the world heeds to the cry of the farmers of Kasergod, and numerous other victims around the world.

what is ENDOSULFAN??
Endosulfan protest day 25th April2011!/event.php?eid=197779380263923 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Behind the veil

Behind the veil
                          Assad Hariz
Freedom of speech,liberty,equality the three cornerstones of modern day western democracy ,the right way to rule the only option for this world and America’s first choice has come down in shatters when the candy president of France NikolasSsarkozy announced the ban of the Burkha(Naqaab). Liberalists and feminists cheered the decision saying it was the victory of woman, their freedom . many others welcomed it because they were against religion and religious symbols and some others just because it had something to do with ISLAM.
The dictionary of the world has now been rewritten. Liberation means walking down the street nude. Freedom of speech means defaming Islam and whatever the Muslims respect. Media controlled racial attacks have been going on for decades.With the advent of visual media and its high speed distribution, it has become easier and the Zionists and anti religionists have taken full advantage of it. This ban on burkha is one of their achievements against Islam.
Consider the issue from a more humanitarian and democratic view. If a country allows woman to wear two piece clothing and walk in the streets without any problem, it is obviously possible for a woman to wear a burkha and do the same. She has the right to wear it. It is part of her integrity and womanhood. People who oppose the Naqaab talk about identity issues, communication issues but they are nothing but lame arguments to cover up their vested interests. A Naqaab is a sister’s personal choice .When a lady walks with a miniskirt or a bikini ,it doesn’t raise a cry , not even a whisper from the government bodies and the ever hungry media but when a woman chooses to dress herself modestly, it sparks fire in the hearts of the so called liberalists and feminists and the right wing activists.The right wing parties have opposed dignity,modesty and basic womens rights when they offended the right of a Muslim sister to wear what she likes.?Unfortunately it was something that they didn’t like to watch her wear. Are they fighting for women’s rights or are they degrading and caging women into their carnal interests???
Europe the greatest advocate of freedom and liberty has succumbed to the vested interests of right wing to deny the basic right of every sister.

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