Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It was a moment of pride when you got first class marks... Sweet distribution, celebrations and moms had tears  of joy in their eyes....
That was 15 years ago.
Nowadays the entire educational circle of india is inspired by Rajnikanth and the chitti robot! guess why?? Thats what the delhi university is asserting.

The Delhi University has raised their cut-offs to virtually unachievable levels. Its come down to a situation where marks are everything in life. The Indian Education system is all about 99s and 100s.You succeed in life only if you have a 100 in maths! quite the opposite sometimes. The marks you get in your boards never decide your future. Its about your ambition and passion and these two things give you wings.
The University is infact promoting unhealthy competition that would destroy social and educational structure of the indian society. I think, its really absurd and irrational (Hi5 to Kapil Sibalji)
They are trying to promote human perfection. The world is obsessed with perfectionism and in education ,it would surely ruin a section of the youth.
I was wondering , if students with 93 and 94 pcs cant get into a good college what will be the state of the rest??
One thing is for sure... This is not good for India
The systems needs a dishwash