Monday, 5 December 2011

The greatest Sacrifice: Imam Hussein(r.a)

Shahast Hussain, badshahast Hussain,
Deenast Hussain, deen-e panahast Hussain,
Sar dad, na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazid,
Haqa key binaey La ilaha ilallahast Hussain

Husayn is the master, Husayn is the king,
Husayn is the symbol of faith, Husayn is the defender of faith,
He gave his life rather than allegiance to Yazid
Verily the foundation of La'illah illa-allah is Husayn.
The 10th of Muharram is a day that not only muslims but the entire humanity mourns since the day brought the great calamity, the tragic episode that painted the sky red. Imam Hussein(R.A) was brutally killed by ruthless evil hypocrite, Yazid. The beloved grandson of prophet Muhammad(SAWS) was killed by this despotic ruler and his army. It was a day of sacrifice. A revolutionary became a martyr. The Sunni world has often forgotten this event or maybe has given lesser significance but this event can never be forgotten since it was a fight against tyranny and Monarchy.
Imam Hussein(R.A) sacrificed his life to revive the muslim Ummah which was going into a slumber. The islamic system was getting tampered. It began with force from the rule of Muawiyyah and came out into the open with the appointment of his son Yazid. It was a treason since it violated the agreement between him and Imam Hassan(R.A).In reality the islamic system was slowly being bitten away, it was being trodden down .Imam Hussein(R.A) sensed it and this is why he stood up against the hypocrite Yazid. The Tragic episode would break you down. Ten days of suffering with women and children deprived of food and water brought them near death. Imam Hussein's son Ali(zain-ul-abideen) was on verge of death due to dehydration! The cruelty that the army committed towards the family was atrocious and can never be forgiven. Our prophet's family was humiliated in this tragic event!
Indeed Hussain(R.A) sacrificed his life for Islam. The sacrifice had certain objectives. It brought the Muslim Ummah back from a period of siesta.The Islamic system based on morality,justice and freedom was being replaced by oppressive monarchy.As Maulana Moudoodi(r.a) points out, the concept of God's sovereignty was being reduced to mere oral assent and thus the basic system was being slowly destroyed. Imam Hussein(R.A) sensed it and fought courageously against it. The principle of enjoining the right and forbidding what is wrong was neglected and these fundamentals were slowly being removed from the state. This martyrdom was against such evil changes.
The Brave Imam Hussain(R.A) fell a martyr in this struggle. It is a day of sorrow, and every muslim nay, every person in this world should engrave this sorrowful event in their hearts so that they never forget why Great Imam Hussein(R.A) became a martyr and why it is the greatest sacrifice.